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Sandra, the main character, never had much money at her disposal, and for her memories - it was even worse. When she was little she survived a car crash that killed her parents and damaged her memory. She grew up in an orphanage, but eventually went to college and started to live a normal life. 


One day, Sandra received an invitation to take part in a race around the world that promised a prize of one million dollars. Without much thought, Sandra entered the contest -- afterall who could turn down a chance to win a million dollars. But game started to trouble her, because much of what she encountered on her trip was linked to her forgotten past... 

- More than just hidden objects - find the clues, solve puzzles, play mini-games to unlock the adventure. 
- Original script with a mystery to solve 
- A variety of classical mini-games and puzzles from all over the world 
- Picturesque locations of famous tourist attractions 
- Great graphics, music and voice over 
- Dame center support 


Solve the mystery from Sandra’s childhood and win the main prize of the game! 

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