My Kingdom for the Princess 3/Presskit


 Finally! The great adventure continues! Familiar landscapes and great gameplay that combines features of time-management, simulation and strategy are waiting for you in the third part of My Kingdom for the Princess!

...It's been twenty five years since Arthur and Helen became a royal couple and settled down in a palace and raised three lovely sons. Their children grew up, and now it’s time for marriage. Unfortunately, all three sons fell in love with the same girl – the lovely heiress Princess Elizabeth. It's up to you to figure out who deserves her hand!

There will be some surprises:
- your workers are more diligent;
- buildings bring in more resources;
- five magical artifacts;
- unexpected bonuses;
- more charming mini games;
- new colorful interface;
- unique trophies;
- beautiful comics;
- well balanced levels, that gradually become more challenging;
- a wonderful new castle to build -- this time with a bear!
It’s time to prove that you are worthy of marrying a princess! Pass all the tests and win her love!

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