Pirate Adventures is an action packed hidden object game that will excite everyone who loves mystery and pirate romance! 

Once upon a time, a pirate named Sharpshooter Jack obtained a mysterious, ancient box. Jack knew immediately that this box contained something very, very important, but what? It’s locked tight! Trying to find out what is hidden inside the box, Jack gets caught up in wonderful adventure! He will meet with the spirits and become a psychic, escape from prison and learn his destiny! Will he learn a secret of the box too? The answer depends on you! 

Key features: 
- An incredible story of pirates, treasure and an ancient curse 
- 65 challenging levels 
- Colorful locations and interesting quests 
- Challenging mini games 
- Amazing graphics and music 

Wonderful adventures, picturesque characters and a little mystery are waiting for you! Hurry up and begin your treasure hunt! 


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Pirate Adventures Pirate Adventures
Pirate Adventures Pirate Adventures
Pirate Adventures